Monday, October 5, 2015

News From Ferndale - 4 October 2015

WINDY AUTUMN TREE - now in both PG and Adult Versions.

This super Autumn tree with bench now comes in two versions. The Cuddle version has 26 lovely single, cuddle and kiss animations in total. The Adult version has 38 Animations including Adult, plus the same singles, cuddles and kisses. Both are only 9 Prims.

The Cuddle version is priced at 199L and the Adult one is 299L.  Either would make a great add on to any Autumn Garden.

See the Cuddle version here:

And the Adult version at our Seabrook store here:

AUTUMN HANG OUT - A super new Autumn bench set - two benches sitting either side of a warm fire - ideal for those cool Autumn days. Each bench has a total of 25 animations - some singles, cuddles and kisses. Either side of the benches are pretty Autumn planters, and all set on a neat circular paving area. Priced at 299L$ with 34 prims and measuring 8m x 8m. (Also on Big Prize Board) Come see for yourself:

NEW GROUP GIFT - AUTUMN CORNER - Make sure you get your copy

We have a lovely new group gift for you at the store, Autumn Corner.  A small autumn patch with a cuddle bench, just 9 prims and mod/copy.  Check out the attached picture or grab yours here
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If you are looking for small Halloween items then we have a few of those too:

Halloween Goodies - Lots of lovely pumpkins and all mod/copy - 150L$

Halloween Sign - These two trees with hanging sign and grasses etc as shown in the image below - 46 prims and 17 meters space needed. Priced at 150L$.

Halloween Tree - this scary tree is 24 prims and mod/copy as usual. Adds that extra touch of scariness to any Halloween decorative area. Cost for this one is 199L$.

More Newness - Just Released - Autumn Rockeries 1 & 2

Both slightly different but low prim and REALLY pretty.  Just 199L each.

See them both here: Look in the vendor under the Autumn category -

Lots more Autumn gardens are available in store so if you have yet to decorate for the coming season do come and check them out. Some are on the Lucky Boards so why not try your luck - you might win a gem! Boards are on both ground level and level 2.

This is the LM to the ground level -

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