Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Plants, Flowers and Group Gift

Some great new items on the ground this weekend at Ferndale.

The first new item is another in the Duo Paths series - this time Path To Home ~ Autumn Twin Pack. The pack contains two paths, one straight and one curved. The straight one is 32m x 13m and 15 prims - whilst the curved path is 22m x 32m and 12 prims. Use one, both or as many sections as you wish in your garden designs as both are mod/copy. Priced at only 399L$. View in world here:

Back on the ground now are the Little Autumn Patches - each of these is only one prim - yes ONE prim for a complete patch of plants. There are Four patches to choose from each one priced at 125L$ and measures 5m x 5m. To help you pick below are the images of all four, although it is fair to say the photographs do not do them full justice so why not view for yourself by taking the link :

At the same location you will find some Autumn Grass - only 1 prim and priced at 99L$ - this is perfect for any Autumn garden.

Also new this weekend are some lovely hanging baskets for Autumn, there are four designs to choose from and each one is priced at 125L$ and only 4 prims. View them here:

Back on the ground in time for Halloween is SPOOKTACULAR - This comes with a Halloween accessories pack. making this garden ideal for all of you who want to a scary space to enjoy the forthcoming Halloween festivities. Without these it is a great walled Autumn garden space. Measuring 32m x 32m and with 106 prims when used without the accessories and 167 prims with them. Also enclosed in the box is a couples loveseat. See it here:

Remember the giant sale is still on at the moment - make sure you do not miss the items. Once the sale ends they will be gone forever! The Sales vendors can be found here:

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