Thursday, May 28, 2015

News from TMG - 28 May 2015

More Newness at Ferndale


Don't miss this brand new garden, Dreamy Sunshine, on offer now at a special promo price of just 399L.  It's a lovely trellised seating area with a mesh parasol and 2 comfy loungers to sit and pass the time away. Oodles of blooms and flowers plus a carpet of spring flowery grass makes it perfect to grace your SL garden.  Measures 21m x 27m and only 84 prims. Check it out here  


New this week we have the lovely Golden Fantasy Bridge up for sale at a great promo price of just 199L.  It's pure fantasy and filled with the usual TMG blooms.  Check it out here.

More Chances to Win

You can now try your luck on the boards at our new Adult sim.  We have Bayside Breeze (adult) and the BRAND NEW Lovers Pool (adult).  You can also try and win our Bayside Breeze - PG Version at Ferndale so the choice is yours.  Check out the links below:

PG =

Remember you need to stay on each sim for 10 minutes for the Big Prize boards to register your name. 


We've a great group gift for you, The Lazy Hammock.  3 lazy poses on a rope hammock supported by 2 palm trees.  All complete with a little bit of lovely landscape... check it out here and grab yours.

Another gift awaits you at our NEW ADULT area at Seabrook - a neat trellis with roses. Make sure you go and pick up a copy.

Sales still available but hurry they may not be here long are:

*** Super HALF-PRICE Sales Offers - All Mod/Copy ***
MINI LANDSCAPE PACK 1 - 11 prims - 120L
MINI LANDSCAPE PACK 2 - 10 prims - 120L
MINI LANDSCAPE PACK 3 - 10 prims - 120L
MINI LANDSCAPE PACK 4 - 6 prims - 120L

See them here:

*** 45L SALES ***

3 Purple Flower Strips (3 varieties of flower) - one prim - mod/copy
3 Red Flower Strips (3 varieties of flower) - one prim - mod-copy
The sales boards are here:
View the flowers here:
If you missed some of the past 45L offers we now have a NEW 45L Vendor here:


MUSIC AT TMG - 2 to 4 JUNE 2015

We have a stunning line-up of music coming soon!
2 June, DJ Greywolf, BEST IN RED OR GOLD - 12 to 2pm SLT
3 June, DJ Anjoux Herbit, BEST IN BLUE - 12 to 2pm SLT
4 June, Singing LIve - Urban Harvy - 1pm SLT

Make sure you do NOT miss these great events -

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