Thursday, May 21, 2015


Newly opened this week - TMG is now pleased to announce they have a brand NEW Adult store. 

BAYSIDE BREEZE was our first ALL NEW ADULT GARDEN - measuring 64M x 32M and 115 prims. This has a  sweet cottage shack overlooking a series of decking which leads down to the ocean.  Water flosw from one side of the building across the garden, and falls gently down to the sea. To allow for those of you who do not have sea then the garden has a sand and a water prim so it can be used on normal land. For those with beach side location then these prims can be removed and the land terraformed to allow the Linden water to fit under the end of the decking as in our rezzed examples.

On the decking there is a sex rug, also sex cushion near the fire and a sex bench up on the top lawn area. A total of 100 sex animations. Note the cushion is designed especially to fit this garden ONLY. Priced at 1200L this is a great buy but can only be purchased at the NEW store here: OR via the Marketplace here:

BAYSIDE BREEZE PG Version - for those wanting hugs, kisses and single sits only then you have not been forgotten as this garden is available with the rug, cushion and bench that contain animations of a more general nature. Also, 64M x 32M, 115 prims but at the lower price of 699L this garden has all the same garden details. See it here:

Our next NEW ADULT garden this week was LOVERS POOL - measuring 40M x 30M and only 72 prims. This has a winding path through the brightly coloured tropical blooms. Follow the path to our TMG hot tub that now has 28 animations. The garden is priced at 549L. To view use this SLurl: 

More Adult gardens to come including a very exciting version of the popular TRANQUILITY. Watch this space for more information. 

NEW - PASSING TIME  - A new small patio space with Wisteria pergola beneath which is a cuddle bench, two chairs and table, neat planted tubs and surrounded by grasses and flowers in soft lilacs and pinks. Plants also surround the pergola supports and these include Agave and Climbing Roses. Measures 17M x 15M and is only 59 Prims. 399L Check it out here:

PEACEFUL PARADISE - Do check out this super small garden - 399L with couples sofa, two chairs and table all set on a raised wooden patio with gorgeous Wisteria blooms hanging from the overhead pergola. You can almost smell the perfume. Set at the base of the pergola supports are some stunning tropical flowers and around the base of the patio are soft grasses and flowers. See it here:

Super HALF-PRICE PROMO Offers - All Mod/Copy
Two super small gardens. TENDER TIMES (with cuddle seat) ONLY 149L and POOL PATIO - A great small hot tub build which will look sweet in any garden - ONLY 149L
also *NEW* THE ROCKERY - ON SALE for just 199L
See them here:

Brand NEW, 6 stunning NEW small borders for any garden.
Lavender Border, Wild Flower Border, Poppy Border, African Daisy Border, Lilac Border and White Lilac Border.
They are all stunning - do make sure you come and check them out!
Take the link on the signs to view in our vendor in the sky.

3 Purple Flower Strips (3 varieties of flower) - one prim - mod/copy
3 Red Flower Strips (3 varieties of flower) - one prim - mod-copy
The sales boards are here:
View the flowers here:
If you missed some of the past 45L offers we now have a NEW 45L Vendor here: (do check back as more will be added later)
NOW UP FOR GRABS AT A REDUCED RATE IN OUR DAILY AUCTION (the BID BOARD). EDEN IN SUMMER is our wonderful large 64m x 64m garden has a horseshoe shaped path trees and conifers, shrubs and pines also lots of pretty grasses and all on a base. Take a walk around the path and see the trees and plants from a variety of angles - its well worth doing! See it here:
This is great chance to bid for this stunning large garden, all for just a starting bid of 99L.  It really is well worth bidding for.  At the end of the time if your is the highest bid you will receive this great garden but if someone bids higher, then your money will be returned to you so you can try again.  


Come Try Your Luck on the Boards - The Big Prize Board now has the lovely NEW Bayside Breeze - PG Version - but remember you need to stay on sim for 10 minutes for this one to register your name. On the other two Lucky Boards we have A Path to Home in Blue and Quiet Times, both great prizes for one lucky winner in each round. The Happy Letter Board has a brilliant prize 4 Field Flowers

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