Tuesday, February 10, 2015

News From Ferndale - 10 February 2015

SALES, SALES, SALES - NOTE: To view take the LMs from the sales boards on the ground here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ferndale/122/126/24

Steals & Deals Half-Price Items

POND PLANTS - FAT PACK* - This fantastic set of 30 grasses, flowers, lily pads and rock can be yours for only 249L - these are super for making your own ponds or adding to existing ponds that you want to alter. Each plant is just one prim and fully mod/copy, so rez as many of each as you want.

SECRET SANDS INSTANT BEACH GARDEN* - A pretty beach garden measuring 52M x 60M - a total of 95 Prims and priced at 249L this week. You get palm trees, flowers and grasses, beautiful blue 'ocean-like' water and a couple's cuddle rug. All mod/copy and at only half normal price, a great bargain not to be missed. 

TMG - MILKY POND* - A brand new pond on special offer for its debut week! How is that for a great chance to buy a super new pond fresh from the design board. Measuring 22m x 22M and with 38 Prims this includes some super planting, small trees, grasses and a neat rock surround to the milky water. Mod/copy as always and this can be yours for only 199L if you hurry!
Other Sales Items for this week are:

99L Flowers - We have BUDDLEIA ~ PINK AND WHITE - OR - BUDDLEIA ~ PURPLE AND WHITE. Whichever you choose (or maybe both) each plant is only one prim, modify and copy. These are fantastic butterfly magnets in real-life gardens, so make sure you add some butterflies nearby when you plant your copies.

AVAILABLE FROM 12 FEBRUARY - 45L Sales Items: (The 45L sales run Thursday to Thursday)

TMG - Aquabell Ground Cover* - these neat aqua coloured bluebell like flowers are perfect for any spring garden. One prim and copy/mod make this a great bargain.

FAIRYWEED - PEACH* - this soft peachy coloured grassy weed flower blends in nicely with other planting - also one prim and mod/copy so another good buy item.
GRASS WITH MESH FLOWERS - RED* - one of our set of lovely colours (check out the others in the sky on the vendor platform) this grass has gorgeous red flowers in lush grass, looks so nice in any border or lawn. Again one prim and copy/mod.

TWO FOREST TREES - Each tree is just one prim. These are ideal small trees for any forest or garden space. Mod/copy.

 NOW - On our Booty Boards this week we have: Each board has a teleport link so you can go and view if you wish: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ferndale/128/136/24

MEADOW BROOK LANE* - This garden is normally priced at 499L but can be yours if you are the lucky winner in one of the rounds during the week. A small pond is at the end of the lane. The full garden measures 50M x 20M and is 140 Prims, with blossom trees, pretty underplanting in blues and lots of lush grasses.

PIAZZA ROMANTICA* - This 50M x 50M garden has a total of 112 Prims and makes a great prize. The lovely path leads to an open pergola, a couples bench is provided to put under the pergola or the space used for dancing - the choice is yours. The walkway is edged with raised planters and has lawns on either side with all the super planting you have come to expect from Two Moon Gardens. A super prize for anyone.

On the Big Prize Board we have - CARIBBEAN PLAZA - INSTANT GARDEN* - this 50M x 50M mod/copy paved tropical garden has 205 Prims which includes a lovely seating area with flower beds on either side. Raised planters and palm trees plus a lovely overhead canopy with hanging blooms to keep off the hot sun. Remember you need to stay on sim for 10 minutes for this board to register your name.
The Happy Letter Board this week has a super plant collection - BLUE FLOWER COLLECTION BOXED*. This has 5 different mod/copy blue and white flowering plants in the box. A super collection and great prize for someone whose name starts with the Letter displayed.
FOUNTAIN SQUARE* is on the Bid Board with bids starting at just 99L - this garden normally costs 699L. This has 129 Prims and measures 34M x 34M with a gorgeous menu driven fountain. If yours is the highest bid in the round you get yourself a great garden at under normal cost. If your bid is beaten then the amount paid will be returned to you so you can try again in the next round. Well worth trying, and slap the other boards whilst here - fantastic things to be won!


Make sure you come on over and check out all of these here: - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ferndale/138/134/24

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