Friday, February 20, 2015


NEW NEW NEW - Lark Rise Park is our latest All Mesh garden measuring 32M x 32M and yet only 45 Prims! A super Canal under a fenced walkway with strolling spaces on either side of the canal. Complete with couples bench and no less than 8 raised planter sections. Lots of flowers, some trees and fantatic grasses make this a must have garden. On Sale right now at 499L. See it here:

NEW 45L ITEMS NOW AT TWO MOON GARDENS - items are mod/copy

NATURE PATCH 1 - 6 prims - a robin sitting on a garden spade surrounded by flowers in this small garden patch in pretty blues and greens with hits of lavender.

NATURE PATCH 2 - A central tree with pink blossom with 2 rabbits sitting beneath and some super blue, pink and white flowers make this a must have garden patch - 7 prims

STAR PLANTER - A star shaped planter filled with gorgeous blooms in a rainblow of colours - this will really add a new dimension to your patio space - 5 prims

 TRIPLE PLANTER - 3 planters in one each with pretty pink blooms - the central and slightly lower/wider planter is flanked by a mathing pair to made a new shape for your pation layout.

 This week our 99L Flowers are:

3 PINK PLANTS, very pretty and suited to borders or under trees each 1 prim. Also 3 DEAD PLANTS - yes dead but all gardens have one or two plants just past their best so these add that touch or realism to your designs. These are also each 1 prim. Whichever you choose (or maybe both) each plant is modify and copy. These are great border fillers - see them here:

 Three Half Price Gardens - All Mod/Copy

** UTOPIA - measuring 32m x 32m and 231 prims this classical style can be yours for only 249L. It has a central fountain, cuddle bench, space to dance, columns and all in a lovely fenced space. Palm trees and other super plants complete the picture.

 ** THE PADDOCK - 2 versions of this are available so pick the size to suit you best. We have a 40m x 40m version (see image) with 70 prims which can also be yours for 249L, whilst the slightly smaller 32m x 32m 67 prim version is a mere 199L. Both are mod/copy and are beautifully fenced with loads of lush grass, some trees and super flowers. Come and check them out.
 ** PROMO - TMG - MILKY POND* - A brand new pond on special offer for its second week! How is that for a great chance to buy a super new pond fresh from the design board. Measuring 22m x 22M and with 38 Prims only 199L. Look carefully and you will see the frog sitting on the lily pads which are floating in the lovely milky waters. Rocks around the pond have pretty plants set alongside including some purple iris, aliums and a small blossom tree. Come take a look for yourself. Take the TP from here to view -

 Prizes & Bid-Board

On the Big Prize Board we have - LARK RISE PARK - this 32M x 32M mod/copy and only 45 prims. This is our NEWEST garden, so an amazing prize for one lucky winner in each round. Remember you need to stay on sim for 10 minutes for this board to register your name. Well worth trying, and slap the other boards whilst here - fantastic things to be won! - (see image above)

On the other two Lucky Boards we have GARDEN GODDESS STATUE and THE ROCK POOL, both great prizes for one lucky winner in each round. The Happy Letter Board has MESH FOUNTAIN.

On the BID BOARD we have MERIDIAN IN SUMMER - One of our super venue spaces, it measures 60M x 60M and is 399 prims.  A garden suited to a whole range of themes or home designs. This is great chance to get a garden worth 999L for a small fraction of that amount!: It really is well worth bidding for, with bids starting at 99L. At the end of the time if your is the highest bid you will receive this garden but if someone bids higher then your money will be returned to you so you can try again.

Remember you and your friends are always welcome to come and dance in any of our lovely venue spaces. Turn on your sound and dance to our music stream. Intan dance posts in all large venue gardens for your use.

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