Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spring Is Here - Happy New Year


Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR to you ALL!

I am sure you will be pleased to know the snow has melted here at TMG and spring is out in all its glory. We have some old favourites on the ground BUT also some EXCITING NEW GARDENS!

SPECIAL PROMO PRICE for 1 week - 399L SUNNY SPRING PARK - A number of people asked if we were going to have a Spring version of Bleak Winter Park, and yes we have the fantastic Sunny Spring Park - all the same wonderful landscaping but now with golden daffodils, some creamy tulips and lots of lush grass, plus trees and bushes you have come to love here at TMG. A real must see garden that is sure to be the top of your list for spring at 32M x 32M and only 56 prims. See it here:
SEATING - the Small Winter Seating has been very popular so we have continued the idea and now have Small Summer Seating available in even more styles to suit as many garden themes as possible. So far there are 5 Summer Seating choices on sale all being modify/copy. They are located here:

SUMMER SEATING 1* - This has one bench with sits for two avatars - a total of 8 single sits and 4 couple animations.  Behind the bench is an oval raised planter containing pretty pink shrubs and blue flowers. Either side of the bench are trees set into metal grating, this would fit in any urban landscaping design. With just 19 prims and being mod/copy you could use several in a landing area or alongside a path.
SUMMER SEATING 2* - This one has two benches set at right angles to one another, each sitting two avatars, again with a total of 8 single sits and 4 couple animations. Two pretty pink blossom trees and some super daffodils, grasses and ground cover are all packed into this build which is an amazingly low 17 prims!
SUMMER SEATING 3* - One bench in this version, each having 8 single sits and 4 for couples. Some of the freshesh spring/summer grass in SL is surrounding the bench and this is scattered with pretty flowers. Two rose bushes and two small trees plus a border of sort pink blooms completes the 19 prim build.
SUMMER SEATING 4* - This one is a little different to the other styles, with a neat white bench with cushions and this time there are 9 single sits and 7 couple sits. Some gorgeous flowers in slamon and deep bluey/purple shades, small trees and grass dotted with flowers but prim count is only 17!
SUMMER SEATING 5* - Another differently styled bench with small flower beds at the sides. Soft bronze and gold flowers and two multi-stemmed trees complete the 20 prim build. The bench seats 2 avatars and has 8 single and 4 couple sits.
RHAPSODY ~ IN BLOOM is a lovely spring/summer version of the cascading waterfall garden newly created for winter. This needs a large space as it is 64M x 64M and 254 prims but it is a stunning build and ideal for a party venue or indeed for any garden or stately home. This needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. For example the lovely flowers weaving their way through the ballustrade over the bridges cannot be seen in the image yet they are truly lovely when viewed in world. Like the winter version this has four benches, two on either side of the entrance - each sitting 2 avatars. See it here:

GRACEFUL FALLS IN SUMMER is yet another stunning new version of a garden first created for winter. This measures 45M x 50M and is 180 prims. The lovely archway and fencing are covered in pretty flowering climbing plants. More flowers are set in the numerous urns and planters which are set alongside the gently curing waterfalls. There is still space enough to dance in the centre so this makes a lovely venue or meeting area for any garden or sim space. The two side benches are each able to sit two avatars have single and couples animations in them. Well worth viewing here:
SUNLIT MEADOW – This lovely fenced garden measures 32m x 32m and yet is only 42 prims. Lots of buttercup yellow flowers abound in the lush long grasses. The perimeter is surrounded by trees and shrubs, some shrubs have delicate flowers – a garden well worth viewing here:
ENGLISH SPRINGTIME – This measures 32M x 32M and is 66 prims. A gazebo, benching and firepit surrounded by waterfall is included in this really stunning small garden. Seating for 3 avatars on each of the bench and firepit surround, each includes cuddle animations as well as singles. View here:
STORE LANDING POINT ~ SUMMER – You can use this with or without the centre piece- which sits 8 avatars. With the centre piece you have 53 prims in total but without the prims reduce to 27! The raised side sections are ideal for benches or for adding your own information signs, vendors or lucky boards too. This measures 40M x 32M. See this at the main landing point here:

TMG – 4 SPRING FIELD FLOWER- A pack of 4 one-prim each pretty field flowers that you can copy and modify to suit your size needs or to repeat plant in numerous places on your land. Pack 1 has golden buttercup like flowers plus soft blue flowers both set in grass. For Pack 2 the colours are bright blue and soft blue flowers set in the grass. In Pack 3 the flowers are orange daisy like mixed with pale yellow both set in grass, and for Pack 4 we have similar daisy like flowers but in yellow this time and they are mixed with soft blues and grass.Take the LM from sign at the Landing Point:

Come check these out - we are sure you will love the new spring look. Here is your limo: Remember to try your luck with the boards too whilst you are here.

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