Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sales Items and Lucky Boards - 14 January 2015

New Items on Sale for 99L Today are – Lobelia Flowers in either Red or Purple. Take your pick or maybe purchase both. Each is one prim and modify/copy so you can use them as many times over as you wish. A colourful plant ideal for filling those garden spaces.

On our Group Lucky Boards we have two stunning gardens.

Waterside, is an all mesh garden – complete with moving water wheel, cuddle bench as well as trees, grasses, soft purple and drifts of white flowers. The overall garden measures just 20m x 20m so will fit in even the smallest garden space. A lovely prize for any lucky winner.
English Summertime is on the second Lucky Board – this is a super 40m x 40m garden, with firepit and nearby cuddle bench, a gazebo complete with table and two chairs, traditional English style cobbled paths, trees and gorgeous flowers in soft shades with blossoming shrubs too. A garden anyone would be happy to win we are sure. 

On the Happy Letter Board we have: Little Lavender Walk. This is a really cute small garden with only 34 prims. If you win a copy you can fit it almost anywhere. It has a short path through trees, with lavender and other soft blue and pink flowers along the sides of the path, all set in grasses. So if your letter comes on the board then give the board a slap and this neat little plot will be yours. If you cannot wait then buy it for just 199L.
The Big Prize Board has our superb large garden Eden on it this week. This simply stunning 64m x 64m garden has the horseshoe shaped path edges with gorgeous flowers and trees. The central area is left mainly open for you to use as you wish – you can use it to dance barefoot in the grasses, or maybe you prefer to add a fountain, a picnic setting, benches or even children’s play area. The uses are many, leave it as it is – a natural grassy central area or add the items you wish – the choice is yours. Remember to qualify for entry into the draw for this you must remain on the sim for 10 minutes after slapping the board. 

Finally, for this week we have our Bid Board: This time we are offering Heaven’s Corner. Bids begin at only 99L and so you could really grab yourself a bargain here, as this normally sells at 599L. This garden is 40m x 40m in size yet with only 72 prims. It has a walled and hedged garden, with a natural pool that has two animations in the cushions alongside, so you can cool off on that hot summer’s day. Lots of pink, mauve and purple flowers all set in soft grasses and dotted with trees. A couple’s cuddle bench is included in the pack. 

See the boards here: - each board has a teleport link for you to view the garden(s) you wish.

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