Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sales and Lucky Boards - 9 July

Starting with our special sales boards and available to both group members and non-group members we have:

99L - Two separate packs of Delphiniums - one in blue and one in pink. Each is just 99L - one prim per plant and modify/copy so use them separately or buy both and intermix for an amazing display. 

199L - Summer Dreams - a 92 prim garden measuring 30m x 30m and including all the amazing landscaping you have some to expect from Two Moon Gardens. This garden has the added bonus of a cuddle blanket for those picnic or lazing in the sun moments with someone special.

110L - Coffee and Cuddles - a super small garden 20m x 20m but only 35 prims. This a really cute build with two chairs large enough for couples or for use by singles. A nice shady tree and pretty planting complete the picture.

149L - Spring Pond 1 - one of our extremely popular small ponds this is a super bargain. The pond is surrounded by gorgeous planting and just 40 prims and measuring 20m x 20m.

The Bidboard today has our Booty Central in Spring as the item on offer at a bargain bid price. This superb meeting or venue space measures 45m x 45m - has a total of 290 prims and would grace any area. It has a centrally two  placed tranquil pool with neat planters on two opposite sides of the water and two super benches on the other two sides. Come and take a look at the display item and try bidding.

For our group members only we have a lovely group gift - Tender Times - if you do not have it already then make sure you pick up your copy. Also for group members there are some super prizes available as follows:

Starting with our Happy Letter Board has our latest statue - the Garden Goddess Statue. A great item well worth winning. If your first name begins with the Happy Letter displayed on the board - slap it and the prize is yours. Note, it must be your avatar name and not your display name. 

On the Big Prize Board we have Cherry Blossom Place - one of the most popular of our spring/summer gardens - with stunning Cherry Blossom trees, lush planting and dancing butterflies. Also included is a cuddle bench to complete the scene. Remember when you slap the board you must remain on the sim for 10 minutes for your name to be registered in the draw.

The Lucky Boards each have a great prize in them for one winner in each round.

Firsty there is Grove Park - a 45m x 45m walled and fenced garden with plently of stunning planting and trees for that all important shade. A nice lawned area in the centre has a pretty planted set at the heart of the space.

Also in the second Lucky Board we have The Meeting Place - Dark Wood version - This has a total of 73 prims and includes 5 benches set on a neat base with a central fire.

To view any of these items just take the teleport links you will find on the relevant boards and sales signs.

Here is your ride to the central area:

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