Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fantastic Sales and Lucky Board Changes - 1 July

To start the month off with a real BANG Bunnie has set out a fantastic SALE of no less than 9 items each priced at only 50L! These include TWO FULL GARDENS and a Garden Podium that will be retired as soon as the sale is over - so come and get your copies NOW, they will soon be removed from our stock. Also included are some all-time favourites, the TMG Deers and the Red Deer. A not to be missed event, so make sure you come and see for yourself or read the group notices.
These can all be viewed at
The Two Full Gardens are these:

If not in the group then why not consider joining - we have great gifts for our members. The current gift is called Tender Times - a small but pretty piece of planting with a super cuddle bench and only 8 prims. The joining board is in Booty central or ask one of the staff to invite you.

Remember to take the landmark to Booty Central and then jump to the various locations for our sales items  and lucky board prizes - there are links on each board to show you the way.  
On our 99L Sales this week we have:
A 12 prim Tropical Planter and a box of Snowdrops for groundcover - each plant just one prim. Both of these are super items and modify/copy too - real bargains at 99L.

Our Three Half-Price Gardens this week are:
Shady Patio - 199L - a great deck with planting and seating for 4 complete - including a cuddle sofa for couples and chairs, also pot plants and coffee table. Measuring 30m x 25m and with 80 prims. This makes a lovely addition to any garden.

A Path to Home - Tropical - 149L - now only 33 prims, yet 15m x 40m in length. The path is bordered by lush tropical planting in pinks, purples and yellow for that typically sundrenched look of warmer climes.
Elegant Falls in Autumn - 749L - this is the large Elegant Falls Venue at 64m x 64m. If you are thinking of starting to collect together your Autumn garden items then this is a fantastic half-price bargain. For those of you who like to know this has a total of 334 prims.
On our Happy Letter Board we have:
Daffodil Flowers - both the ground cover version and a daffodil cluster are in the box, so use as you wish. Both are modify and copy so you can have dancing daffodils in your woodland or borders or both!
The Big Prize Board contains:
Horizons - a 40m x 40m garden with nice meandering path and neat bench set beneath trees and with all the wonderful planting we all know and love from Two Moon Gardens. A total of 120 prims. Remember to register your vote you need to stay anywhere on our sim for 10 mins. One lucky winner per round.
The Lucky Boards, again one lucky winner per round, and this week are offering the following:
Sweet Moments - low prim 30m x 25m and yet only 89 prims in total, including the bench and the pretty fountain, all within a neat walled garden. Ideal for anyone with a smaller plot or who needs to save prims.
Meadow Brook Lane - a 50m x 20m path garden with lots of blossom trees and blue ground cover plus small pond at the end of the land and all in 140 prims. Well worth slapping this board.
The Auction Board is all set up with:
Landscaped Canal - Bids start at just 99L. This is a full rezzable version and a Self-Build - you receive both in the box. So either rez the pre-made version or use the enclosed parts to set out your very own layout. They have a complete non-landscaped canal, 6 sections for you to assemble as you wish and the pack of canal flowers and trees so you can lay those out to complement your creation. The size of the rezzable version is 33m x 48m and 187 prims, but this can of course be more or less depending on which parts you use if you do your own layout.
If you missed the LM for Booty Central above then here it is again for you: 

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