Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Board Change of 2013

The New Year will soon be here and to help you get started on your spring make over we have one or two different things on our Lucky boards today. For those that want to remain in winter a little longer well we have something for you too!

The Promo this week is The Path to Home in Pink - we know a number of you are collecting these and so here is the chance to add another to the collection you already have. Modify and copy as usual measuring 15m x 40m and only 49 prims ~ the promo price is 149L.

On the Sale Board we have another nice spring/summer garden - Dreamy Passions and the price is just 199L so another amazing bargain. Ir has a couples cuddle bench, is 36m x 36m and comes with a texture changing globe ~ for those of you who prefer to use this on the ground then you can easily remove the globe as this garden is also modify and copy - a total of 116 prims (with globe). This would make a nice addition to any garden or makes a lovely self-contained escape space if placed in the sky.

For those of you only wanting a new bench we have a Wrought Iron Cuddle Bench at only 99L. As you can see from the picture below you can even lie along it - purely cuddle animations we hasted to add - 14 in total and all in 21 prims. Modify and copy as usual.

On the Booty Boards we have Waterside - our wonderful partial mesh garden with a waterwheel and bench all in just 79 prims. This is well worth coming and slapping.

The other Booty Boards have Horizons ~ a spring/summer garden and as promised Meridian in Winter for those of you who want more winter items.

Another wonderful winter item is the New Winter Falls Path - this has a value of 1200L and its on the Auction Board with bids starting at just 199L. What an amazing chance to bag yourself a real bargain, come try your luck today!

Last but not least is Elegant Falls in Ice on the Big Prize Board - remember you need to wait on the sim for 10 minutes after slapping this one or your name might not register on the list of entrants.

To view any of these take the teleports from the boards, but remember to return to the ground to purchase any items at the sale prices.


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