Sunday, September 1, 2013

Today's New Collection At Booty

Once again we have some super items for you here at Booty Central:

The NEW item on sale todayfor just 99L is The Flower Patch. Includes partial mesh to help keep the prim count down - this has an Li of just 10 but includes no less than 4 different prettily coloured flowers, plus a nice mix of tall and short grasses. 

Our Sale Board has Blissful Moments at half price for just 275L. Beautiful green leafy trees fringe the pathway leading to a fountain that has pretty cushion seating for two at the edge. With pretty soft pink, blue and purple flowers its a haven bounded within railed walls and hedges.

The day's Promo is A Fat Pack of Poppies for just 199L. Six wonderful vibrant colours in one pack its a technicolour feast of blooms.

In the BidBox we have Horizons. Another but entirely different curving pathway through flowers in a mixture of soft lavender and yellow coloured flowers with pretty trees that move in the breeze. In the heart of the garden is a sweet cuddle bench.

The Big Prize board now contains Cherry Blossom Place. This has a lovely gentle path through gorgeous pink cherry trees to a cuddle bench with 14 poses. Dancing butterflies and gently falling blossom completes the picture. Remember to register your name for this you need to slap the board and stay on the sim for 10 minutes.

On the other Lucky Boards we have Sitting by the Violets ~ The Bluebell Patch ~ Under the Branches. Three Fantasic prizes we are sure you will agree.

Here is your limo for Booty Central ~

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