Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Super New Autumn Items Now On Sale

Bunnie has once again been busy creating super new things for our gardens. This time three amazing items that I know we will all want to have:

The Panoramic Garden, Warm Autumn Daze has now been updated and has lower prims, some mesh plants and a slightly different theme.  For those that have purchased the garden previously and would like an update, please contact Bunnie Badger and we will see to it that you get a free updated copy.  For all new purchases, this garden is available to buy for 950L at this location

Our second New Item at ONLY 99L is CROCUSMIA. 4 mesh, mod/copy plants.  These are really pretty and would look lovely in your flower beds. Pick up your box in the store now

And our third item for just 299L is something I know many of you have been asking for namely, some wonderful falling leaf emitters ~ 5 emitters in 5 different Autumn colours, brown, red, green, orange and yellow. This is a real must have!

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