Monday, March 18, 2013

For the Love of Lacy Fundraiser!

Please, please take a moment to read this and see if you can help us out.

Lacey is a baby who is 1 year old. She is the granddaughter of XTrishaX Jewell, who we all know has contributed to the SL live music scene for the past several years.

Lacey was born a twin and due to several contributing factors has some serious medical issues; including cerebral palsy, and is quadriplegic  and blind. She lives in the UK and the system there is very slow to respond to the needs of children with disabilities. Lacey requires an apparatus that will help her to, hopefully, someday walk, but the wait time is at least 2 yrs for funding to come through, and at this point, it will be too late to help her to possibly walk down the road.

I have included pictures of Lacey as well as the "Standing Frame" she requires to help her to stand and gain very important stability to hopefully assist her in walking in the future.

We would like to ask for your assistance in having a tip jar out for Lacey, if you would be so kind at your venue, and placing a poster with her story. If you are able to help us, please let us know and I thank you in advance.

Lets join together to help out this sweet baby girl.

Here is a link to the donation page on FB For the Love of Lacy

Date of fundraiser: Tuesday, March 19th, from 1 p.m.-7 p.m., to be held at Stardust Cafe.

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