Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Hunt at TMG! Hints Here!

You don't want to miss out on our fantastic Easter hunt this year! 


Bronze Egg Clue 1. An egg sits Elegantly by the falls

Bronze Egg Clue 2. By a fountain and some flowers, an egg has sat for many hours

Bronze Egg Clue 3.  A path with water all around, the egg you'll find is on the ground

Bronze Egg Clue 4. Every Thursday DJ Ranger hosts his contest here

Bronze Egg Clue 5 - An eggs sits sweetly on the Horizon

Bronze Egg Clue 6 - Look nearby a pretty Patio

Bronze Egg Clue 7 Beachy gardens settle here... Look hard an egg is near

Bronze Egg clue 8 Seek an egg and you will find Ever Changing Blooms

Bronze Egg Clue 9 - Walk a Path of orange blossoms

Bronze Egg Clue 10 - Flowers in the sky? .  They are not linked to gardens



Sliver Egg Clue  1. Seek and find where the Land meets the Ocean

Sliver Egg Clue 2   Seek beyond a pretty pond

Sliver Egg Clue 3  Follow Follow to Gloomy Hollow

Sliver Egg Clue 4 An egg nuzzled near some bark.  The clue is in the name 'Park'

Sliver Egg Clue 5 Hunt high in the sky, with plants and flowers nearby 

Sliver Egg Clue 6 An Easter gift the Bunny makes, you'll find this prize nearby a lake

Sliver Egg Clue 7 Seek on the ground with plants around.  A Blissful place and a fountain to grace

Sliver Egg Clue 8 Beaches, Passion and eggs ~ what could that lead to

Sliver Egg Clue 9 An egg sits beside an autumn garden

Sliver Egg Clue 10 Egg is placed by a Dreamy River


There are no hints given for the Golden eggs.
A golden egg will randomly appear every 2 hours. The first person to find it and buy it, is the one who goes home with one of TMG's fantastic, elaborate gardens. After the egg is purchased it will disappear, never to be seen again. But, don't worry; another one will randomly appear in another 2 hours and you can try again!

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