Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Newness at Ferndale - 15 April 2015

Our newest patio garden BENEATH THE ROSES has a couples wicker sofa bench, two chairs and glass topped table set beneath a stunning rose covered trellis. With more roses alongside in planters, you can imagine the wonderful scents making this garden a sensory paradise. With lots of lush planting, tall slender conifers, low growing lilacs and masses of pink and lilac coloured blooms plus grasses. Come and see for yourself - here is the location - - FOR PROMO PRICE go to

 *** Three Super HALF-PRICE Sales Offers - All Mod/Copy ***
LOST IN LAVENDER - our NEW LARGE GARDEN - 64m x 64m and ONLY 121 Prims. JUST 399L
A raised, rustic path circles the entire build with planted lavender and gorse gracing it's borders. A small seating area with a couple's cuddle bench is nestled in to one corner overlooking a large area of grass. Add falling blossom and a wealth of woodland trees at the back butting up against a mesh fence and you have the perfect garden for a whole variety of activities to a picnic space or children's play area etc - the potential uses are many and varied.
The other two half-price offering are from Our NEW Mini Landscape Range. With each border measuring approx 12m x 12m, yet each is also low prim and packed with colour and variety making them fantastic value for money mini-gardens.
MINI LANDSCAPE PACK 1 - 11 prims - 120L - flowers in 4 varieties - colours are lavender, lemon and pink with conifers and grasses. Measuring approx 12m x 12m these are fantastic value for money mini-gardens.
MINI LANDSCAPE PACK 2 - 10 prims - 120L - flowers in 4 varieties - colours are deep pink, red, maroon and lemon with conifers and grasses

*** NEW 45L ****
Sculpted Fence and Gate - only 1 prim for fence plus 1 prim for gate - rez as many sections of fence as you wish - mod/copy.
Wild Weed - Each flower colour is 1 prim - two colours in the box pink and blue - mod/copy - perfect garden fillers for any spring/summer garden.
Still available but for not for much longer are - 6 stunning NEW small borders for any garden - 99L each.
Lavender Border, Wild Flower Border, Poppy Border, African Daisy Border, Lilac Border and White Lilac Border.
They are all super - do make sure you come and check them out! (See previous blog entry for images)
Take the link on the signs to view in our vendor in the sky.
Yet two more in the 99L Sales Items - We have Cornflower Border - 6 prims and Forget Me Not Border - 7 prims. Whichever you choose (or maybe both) each is a super border with lovely plants. modify and copy. (See previous blog entry for images) Also, see them here:
On the BID BOARD we have PEACEFUL RETREAT. This is great chance to get a this 60m X 60m 267 prim mod/copy woodland garden for just a fraction of its usual 699L! A tranquil woodland area with centrall circular paving and natural raised planting with lavender, ferns and grasses plus a variety of other pretty plants.
It really is well worth bidding for, with bids starting at 99L. At the end of the time if your is the highest bid you will receive this garden but if someone bids higher then your money will be returned to you so you can try again.
  The Big Prize Board now has the very NEW garden LOST IN LAVENDER - but remember you need to stay on sim for 10 minutes for this one to register your name. On the other two Lucky Boards we have SUMMER POND 1 (NEW pond) and TRANQUIL REST, both great prizes for one lucky winner in each round. The Happy Letter Board has RED DEER AND GRASSES.

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