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BEES AND BUTTERCUPS ~ Landscaped Garden
This includes BEEHIVES & Buzzy Bee Sounds, New Sunny Day Nature Sounds, Dandelion Emitter, Dancing Butterflies, Gardening Animations and Cuddle log with Single Sits.
Small yet colourful this garden has mesh spring blooms and grass, plus 3 mesh beehives tucked in amongst the trees.  The bees are brought to life with bee sounds and nature sounds. 
The log is set for couples cuddles or you can actually dig your own garden, sew seeds and water the plants with our fabulous gardening animations.
Dancing butterflies bring the garden to life and it's small enough to fit most land sizes.
This is a Marketplace promo and will eventually revert back to it's set price.
View In-world here:

TMG - BELL FLOWERS - FAT PACK* - A total of 8 different coloured bell flowers are in this Fat Pack - deep blue, red, pink, orange, purple, paler blue, yellow and aqua - This super spring/summer flower pack can be yours for 175L

SWEET HOLLOW STABLES - 229 Prims and 40M x 40M - lots of typical farmyard elements including chickens pecking in the grass, a small pond, a hay pile and a farm cart - both with singles and couples sits, a few large and small trees, flowers and of course that all important barn complete with hay bales. All of this in a walled and gated space with a sale price of only 249L

TMG - BLACK EYED SUSAN Boxed* - Another great plant for those garden spaces - bright yellow with almost an orange central section to the petals that surround the not quite black cone shaped 'eye' - yours for 99L - rez as many or as few as you want for your garden borders - fully mod/copy

See them here: - to view on the sim do take the teleports offered next to the images on the sales boards.



NEW - Spring Planter 1 - 7 Prims - the 4 corners have in a matching small shrubby tree whilst the central area has soft muted lavender and yellow coloured flowers with a hint of white showing too.

NEW - Spring Planter 2 - 6 Prims - in this the 4 corners have large shiny fatsia plants and the centre is in an array of soft muted shades including pink, lemons, aquas white and lavender and a hint of darker purple. A lovely mix of shades for that something different.

Whichever of these large (6m x 4m) raised planters you choose (or maybe both) each is modify and copy. These are great for patios or garden dividers - see them here:


3 Wild Sunflowers; 5 Chrysanthemum Plants; 2 Cosmo Plants - Green & Purple; 2 Cosmo Plants - Pink & Yellow; Funky Weed. Each plant is 1 prim and they are all mod/copy.

See them all here: SLurl:


On the BID BOARD we have RUSTIC PATH PARTS This is great chance to get a this DIY kit for just a fraction of its usual 799L!: It really is well worth bidding for, with bids starting at 99L. At the end of the time if your is the highest bid you will receive this garden but if someone bids higher then your money will be returned to you so you can try again.


On the Big Prize Board we have - LANDSCAPED CANAL measuring 33M x 48M and with 187 prims. As well as the Rez Box the box also includes a Self Build Version! This is a great prize for one lucky winner in each round. Remember you need to stay on sim for 10 minutes for this board to register your name. Well worth trying, and slap the other boards whilst here - fantastic things to be won! -
On the other two Lucky Boards we have REFLECTIONS and A PATH TO HOME ~ COUNTRY, both great prizes for one lucky winner in each round.

REFLECTIONS - Some stunning colours have been used in this unusual garden - the plants seem to glimmer and glow - lovely turquoises and purples and blues mix with the lush green of the grasses and to add height fantastic cherry blossom trees. A cuddle bench can be found on the side of the pathway  that runs through this really pretty garden. Come and try your luck!

A PATH TO HOME COUNTRY - Soft greens, whites and yellows abound along this country style straight pathway which is ideal for taking you to your front door or from garden to garden on your land. You might be the lucky winner in the next round if you come and slap the board.

The Happy Letter Board has SUNDIAL AND FLOWERS. - This small garden patch has the TMG sundial with a small tree, flowers and grass yet is only 9 prims. A nice gift if your avatar name matches with the letter shown - then just by wearing your group tag and slapping the board this item can be yours. 
Come and try them all here:

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