Thursday, August 14, 2014



New Style Paths to Home have appeared at Ferndale this week - six new packs each a different but simply gorgeous colour. In each pack are two versions of the path - one straight with only 10 prims and measuring 32m x 13m the other a curved path with 12 prims and measuring 32m x 22m. To view take the LMs from the individual teleport links on the sides of the boxes at the meeting point (aka Booty Central). Or you can take this link direct to the sky walkway where they are to be found - 

Here are just two of them to whet your appetite, make sure you come and see them all:

Also new are our 99L Sales Items - Two more Summer Weeds, but with a really amazing prim saving this time. These are only 1 prim each - yes 1 prim. We have Summer Weed 5 - in greens and golds, and Summer Weed 6 - in pretty lilac/blue and a hint of gold. As a bonus in both packs you will find dancing blue butterflies - fantastic value for only 99L per box - mod/copy too! These are viewable on our plants platform

 Two super half-price items for you this week 

* Sweet Hollow Stables - Updated Version - now 249L *
This newly improved lower prim version of the Stables now has new sitting areas on the hay bales and the hay cart, plus a cuddle bench, small pond and the garden comes complete with chickens too. Plus all the super planting you have come to expect from Two Moon Gardens. Size is 40m x 40m and only 121 prims in total!


* Sculpted Path with Curbstones - DIY pack - now 199L *
This is an ideal pack for those of you who like to create paths to suit your own styles - it contains the following:

2 x 45 degree bends (mirror images) - 5 prims each, 2 x 90 degree bends (mirror images) - 7 prims each, 1 straight path - 5 prims, I stone circle - 9 prims and one long bend - 25 prims. Fit them together how you want to give long straight walks or gentle curves or indeed any mixture.
Both of these half-price items are great bargains and well worth having.

✿ PROMO - EDEN - 599L - Normal price will be 799L ✿

This is a Large 64m x 64m garden with only 82 Prims. Full of wonderful trees and flowers, this is another that has to be seen to be believed at this prim count. An almost full-circle pathway allows the users to wander around viewing the landscape from a range of locations and all totally stunning. The central area would lend itself to a small garden party or somewhere to picnic – the choice is yours. Dancing butterflies and nature sounds are also in the box. All this for only 799L normal price – special Promo Price is only 599L – so hurry over and make sure you don’t miss this chance. 

This is one for all of you out there thinking of the coming Autumn season. Bids start as low as 149L so this could be one of the best bargains you will find in a good while. This is a superb pack for you to build your own Elegant Falls Path in Autumn to the layout you prefer. The pack includes straight piece, 90 degree bend and crossroads, and complete rez. Make sure you take a look for yourself. Bid Board is here:

Now for the Lucky Boards and Happy Letter Board - you can find these at

* NEW HAPPY LETTER BOARD ~ Pink & Aqua Dancing Butterflies* - if your name appears on the Happy Letter Board, you will win the prize.

★ BIG PRIZE BOARD ★ WARM AUTUMN DAZE * - one of our large Panoramic Gardens that can be used as a skybox of on the ground - the choice is yours. As you would expect this has all the colours of Autumn packed into just 114 prims. Feel free to walk about the sim, but remember to stay at Two Moon Gardens for 10 mins after slapping to ensure your name is registered in the draw!

* BOOTY BOARDS - White Water Canyon, Daydreams - both of these are fantastic prizes for one lucky winner in each round.

White Water Canyon - This stunning waterfall and fast flowing stream can be viewed from the deck area. This is one of our largest gardens measuring 64m x 92m yet is only 142 prims. Make sure you come and take a look - this is one amazing garden! 

Daydreams - As the name suggests this is a tranquil and relaxing small space for those of you with less land at your disposal. This measures 20m x 20m and is only 26 prims, also in the box is a neat loveseat for those romantic moments.


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