Wednesday, November 20, 2013


On the 99L Sale Board we have a Winter Oak Tree. This tree has a mass of bare branches all with a light dusting of snow. It  makes a nice contrast when placed in a garden with conifers, snowy bushes etc.

Then on the other SALE BOARD we have Angel Haven in Winter for the great price of 199L (that's less than half price). Another of our very pretty winter gardens. It is 50m x 50m garden and has an angel statue, waterfall, pool, pretty planting and all for just 129 prims. 

The PROMO has Crisp Winter Park - another winter garden for only 199L - This one is slighty smaller at 42m x 42m and a total of 139 prims - complete with cuddle bench this has got to be another ideal garden choice for the winter months.

On the BOOTY BOARDS we have - Lake Topaz and River of Passions. The BIG PRIZE BOARD today has Candy Christmas - its value is 599L, making this a great prize for one lucky person each round. Remember to register your name - click the board and stay on sim for 10 minutes. Walk around and explore or teleport to one of the platforms if you would like but do not leave the sim as we do not want you to miss the chance of winning.

The AUCTION or BID BOX as it is sometimes called has a Starting Bid of just 99L. So a great chance to grab yourself a bargain garden. Today we have ICE PARADISE a gorgeous 70m x 70m garden for those larger plots - this has a waterfall, stream with suspension bridge, lots of pretty planting and a cuddle bench.

TMG is once again supporting Toys for Tots, and we would like to ask all of our loyal customers to help us in our support for Toys for Tots.  The display stand has been rezzed in the Welcome Area so your kind donations would be greatly appreciated.  Bunnie would like to thank you all in advance for your kindness in helping us with this great charity.

Here is your limo to the Welcome Area:

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our great NEW WINTER VENDOR - We don't just sell gardens here at TMG, you can purchase all your winter trees and plants separately.  Check out our new vendor filled with winter goodies.  Lots of new things will be added over the next few weeks. This link will take you direct to the vendor which is close to the Meeting Area:

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