Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Offers and Lucky Boards ~ Today

Lots of lovely new things on offer for you here today.

First of all we have at LESS THAN HALF PRICE ~ just 299L, for a lovely garden, Heaven's Corner. This really is a beautiful garden with lots of lovely purple and red flowers. Don't Miss it!

We also have our creepy Halloween Tree at just 199L - a must for Halloween. You can see this at our Meeting Place - it is pretty spooky - make sure you take a look!

Our other Promo is ~ Winter Plant Collection 1 ~ available for a short time for just 199L. Winter will soon be here so this is a good opportunity to fill those small spaces with some winter elements. See previous blog entry for photograph.

The 99L Sale Board has some Redbell Ground Cover ~ and yes just 99L for a short time.

In the Bidbox ~ with bids starting at just 99L we have Ice Paradise. As you can see from the image below it has a lovely waterfall and icy river with sparkly trees and snow all around. A garden well worth putting on your land for the winter.

On our Big Prize Board this week we have another fantastic garden ideal for Christmas as it has a removable Santa, Elves and Sleigh! It is called Little Lapland ~ remember to make sure your name is registered you need to stay on the sim for 10 minutes. Feel free to wander around whilst it registers.

You could go and look at the photographs submitted in our recent competition ~ why not cast your votes whilst on the sim? They are arranged along the side of the walkway of Elegant Falls Path in Autumn. Each avatar can cast 10 votes for their favourite entries. Voting closes at 2pm SLT on 5th November.

On our other prize boards we have Reflections, Waterside and Forever Autumn. Images below. All super prizes so do come and try your luck!

If you wish to view any of these then click to take the LM/Teleport Links shown on each of the boards.

Your Limo to the Meeting Place is here:

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